Redemption (Album)


by Rich Engle

Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered at Digital Street Studios in Dover, DE

  1. 1 $0.99 Outlaw 03:40
  2. 2 $0.99 Empty Road 03:57
  3. 3 $0.99 Redemption 03:59
  4. 4 $0.99 Extraordinary 03:29
  5. 5 $0.99 Disappear 04:19
  6. 6 $0.99 Cool My Desire 03:08
  7. 7 $0.99 Window 03:08
  8. 8 $0.99 Stand Alone 04:56
  9. 9 $0.99 Victim 03:10
  10. 10 $0.99 Wash It Away 02:44
Recent reviews for the song "Empty Road" all submitted via Crowd Reviews on Reverbnation:

“The quality in this song is amazing. The artist 's voice is very strong and his flow is perfect next to the instrumental. His

words can be heard well and the instruments being played are nice and loud. This song may have potential to be on the radio

because it is full and sounds mastered.”

“The introduction to this song is a smooth, ska style. It 's upbeat with a quick tempo. I really like the singers vocal tone. He

has a very down home feeling to his voice. It's a really well written and well developed song. It's a blue grass stylized song.

The background music is beautifully written, with a winding lovely guitar theme. It 's skillful and neat. I think the best thing

about this song is it 's expressive nature. I like how harmonic it is. It 's funky and rhythmic. I like he guitarist and the singer

best; the come together in this song to create a lovely melody. The guitarist exhibits mastery of his or her instrument

through chord placement. The singer is metaphorically singing about his life, and his journeys.”


“The acoustic guitar have a great big open steel sound that makes me think of blues slide dobro guitars, the electric lead is

nice and simple as well, the key and rhythm set a great country feel to the song. The bass plays a comfortable accent on the

first and third beat of each bar that compliments the standard drum rhythm going on. The vocal's have a great use of

harmony and layering that really make it sound quite bright and jolly.”

“Kind of funky folky intro. That sounds really full of life. His voice is full of life and power. I like the words has well its really full

of fun and believe it is a really strong song, and he puts over this message really stongly. The song has a nice little rift that

carries it forward at a really good pace.”

“there`s a personality that comes out of this song. the major components of this osng are very together here, a full range of

instrumentals. this song is very tune full and productive. this singer has a style to it tht is very attractive, his voice is grityy

and personable, this is a song that has a poetic and stimulating style, nothing better than a song with quality and substance”

“This music piece starts off with a southern style of melodies, that flows nicely together. The music genre sounds to be of

country music. The vocal are sung lovely and create an easy listening experience. The lyrics are easily heard, and the vocals

are clear. The song keeps me interested and keeps an amazing flow of melodies running throughout the song.”


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